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Fashion is a word which is very frequently used in our day to day life. For most of us fashion is all about clothes and accessories. But as I understand fashion is about replacing old things with new one. Also we can say it is about change. But this change is not linked with any defined pattern.

Fashion is actually considered as mass acceptance. It is a way of expressing one’s identity. Societies have got some motivation and beliefs which also could be observed with the clothing and other fashion items being used by the members of different societies.

Fashion designers keep innovating but we accept the fashion which make us feel better, enhances our identity and make us look trendy and more confident. Fashion does not survives for long period and keeps changing but the one which continues for long is “trend.” So for a fashion to continue for long period as a trend it should have a wider acceptability.

Last but not the least, fashion is a multi billion dollar global business and for the survival of large number of people, fashion has change…

bye and take care,

yours Fashion Explora