Hi, Hope you all are doing good. Since long I had not posted any blog for boys fashion. I was just thinking what best I could search for my boys. I think simply changing the hair style make a big difference. I have come across some good hair style options, hope you like it. Boys believe me you will just rock…

Even without parting, it looks cool and suits best for your formal look. This looks too neat with not much effort.

formal hairstyle for men with thick hair
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Perfect raised quiff, make you look more mature and presentable. Easy to make these waves and gets ready fast.

mens short hairstyle for thick hair
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Crew Cut hair style looks very descent. Look perfect even if you don’t comb and require less maintenance. Looks nice edgy as of Nick Jonas. These hair cuts suits best for thick hairs.

mens crewcut
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For the naturally curly hairs, by keeping small side hairs and keeping some curls on top will do wonders for you. You look dashing and just don’t need anything else.

Curly Top Undercut For Thick Hair
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Pompadour hair style, require extra effort to achieve. But once it is understood how to develop the same you are done. You will be center of attraction.

Men's Pompadour Taper For Thick Hair
Image Source: http://www.pinterest.com

So here you see that short and medium cut hair styles are the present hair styles which make you look stylish, dashing, center of attraction. Please try any of these and feel the difference.

Please keep sharing your feedbacks and recommendations for further improving the blogs.

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