Hi friends… Whenever I am travelling I am always watching what people are wearing and what all combinations suits them. At airport we like some of the people because of their well dressing sense, style, kind of luggage they are carrying etc. What I have understood are discussed here:

  1. If a persons dresses in a simple, cool manner he looks stylish.
  2. Over styling does not suits at airport.
  3. Go for either formal suit with a trolley bag and sleek office hand bag placed over the trolley.
  4. You can go for dark goggles to shade your tired eyes.
  5. Chinos are the best options as the same are very comfortable and give you styish look.
  6. Don’t carry heavy luggage. Keep only that is actually required.
  7. If office wear is not very much required, keep yourself in casual look.
  8. You can go for perfect fit outfits instead of loose clothing.

Some of the pictures I collected from internet are also shared. Lets scroll down and have a look and select the ones which suits you better………

Look once: Nice bag.Look twice: Everything a grown man should be wearing (and carrying) on a plane that he'll still be comfortable in.
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Image Source: http://www.machomoda.com.br/2016/10/calca-colorida-masculina-looks-pra.html
brock mcgroff, the modest man,
Image Source: https://stylegirlfriend.com/brock-mcgoff-the-modest-man/
 Summer Outfit Ideas For Men (17 Looks)
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Justin Theroux
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