Hi dear….. Palazzo these days are very popular. While going through the history of palazzo I have come to know that this apparel have come in fashion somewhat in the year 1960 when some high end restaurants had banned the ladies from entering into those restaurants in routine dresses. They wanted them to come in fashionable clothes. Some of the ladies of that time did no want to wear skirts and then started wearing palazzo which made then look at par with the fashion of that time.

Palazzo when mixed with Kurti gives some Ethno-western look. These is a comfortable combination and could be worn in office as well as during parties and occasions.

I have come across a good collection of Kurti and Plazzo set on https://www.lkfabkart.com, which I am sharing herewith. Lets scroll down and see……..



Hope you like the collection. Complete collection I have come across at  website https://http://www.lkfabkart.com. As per the information given over website, the cloth used for these apparel is Rayon.

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