Hi…. This blog is about electronic massager which has got five different options to enhance your beauty. I have come across the same over Amazon website. This is of Krevia make.

Five different options available for your care and beauty are as under:

  1. Crude Polish Accessory : This is mainly to rip of the tough skin and cut it off.
  2. Latex Soft Sponge: This accessory is provided for the messaging of eyes and cheek.
  3. Makeup Sponge: This is for massaging and cleaning of skin.
  4. Rolling Massager: This is to enhance the blood circulation to avoid skin ageing.
  5. Soft Brush: This is to clear all the scurf clings on the surface.

So with this massager exfoliation could be done to remove the old dead skin and with the massage option beauty creams applied are penetrated better in the skin and keep the skin nourished and hydrated.

This could also be used to remove the hard skin under your foot or elbow and make then soft.

Hope you like the product which could be used as an emergency kit when you are running short of time to visit your favorite parlor and could ready for the occassion at your home only. If you wanna buy this product then click the link https://amzn.to/2MXZY9h

Product is at present available at the time of writing of blog. In case you want to buy then hurry up. Stocks may be limited. Please offer your comments and share your feed backs.

Bye and take care.

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