Hi all…. Nice to know that the famous personality Mr. Manish Malhotra who is designing clothes for bollywood since 90s has recently partnered with MyGlamm to launch Makeup Collection in his name. Their collection covers from Eye Shadow palette to Nail Lacquers, Hi-Shine Lipstick and Hi-Shine Lipgloss.

Range of products is very high and is suitable for the ones who likes to look natural to the ones who prefer high tones. Good thing is these items are within budget and pocket friendly. Items could be purchased directly from http://www.myglamm.com.

MANISH MALHOTRA 9 IN 1 EYESHADOW PALETTE – SOIRÉE: This compact eyeshadow palette comes in 9 shades with Matte, Metallic and Foil finishes.

Image Source: https://www.myglamm.com/product/manish-malhotra-9-in-1-eyeshadow-palette-soiree.html

MANISH MALHOTRA HI-SHINE LIPSTICK : Vide range of colors are launched and are available on http://www.myglamm.com. It is claimed that this lipstick is long lasting with with intense colors, smooth & glossy texture which makes your lips look so different. Also it is informed by sources that the same is free from preservatives, mineral oils and nano-ingredients.

Image Source: https://www.myglamm.com/product/manish-malhotra-hi-shine-lipstick-moroccan-red.html

MANISH MALHOTRA HI-SHINE LIPGLOSS: As claimed by the website it is long lasting with good adherence. Give a high shine and a glossy look.

Image Source: https://www.myglamm.com/product/manish-malhotra-hi-shine-lipgloss-retro-romance.html

MANISH MALHOTRA HIGHLIGHTER STICK : Its application give sculpted and very glamorous look. Its again is claimed to be long lasting and gives creamy texture.

Image Source : https://www.myglamm.com/product/manish-malhotra-highlighter-stick-bedazzled.html

MANISH MALHOTRA NAIL LACQUER : Launched in 18 different shades. Give high shine and long lasting.

Image Source: https://www.myglamm.com/product/manish-malhotra-nail-lacquer-velvet-stardust.html

So its a wonderful news that Mr Manish has launched makeup collection and trying to leave his marks in new field. Hope you are also be happy to know the same.

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