Hi friends, Thanks for lot of affection and love given by you to my blog. Neon is also a trend for this year. A good collection I have come across on website http://www.shein.in.

SHEIN Neon Orange Tie Neck Frilled Button Front Blouse: 

Image Source: https://www.shein.in/Neon-Orange-Tie-Neck-Frilled-Button-Front-Blouse-p-718298-cat-1733.html

SHEIN Neon Lime Knot Hem Tee:

Image Source: https://www.shein.in/Neon-Lime-Knot-Hem-Tee-p-728916-cat-1738.html

SHEIN Neon Lime One Shoulder Gathered Sleeve Belted Top:

Image Source: https://www.shein.in/Neon-Lime-One-Shoulder-Gathered-Sleeve-Belted-Top-p-727475-cat-1733.html

SHEIN Neon Lime Slogan Print Ringer Top:

Image Source: https://www.shein.in/Neon-Lime-Slogan-Print-Ringer-Top-p-700690-cat-1738.html

SHEIN Neon Yellow Scallop Edge Rib-Knit Tee:

Image Source: https://www.shein.in/Neon-Yellow-Scallop-Edge-Rib-knit-Tee-p-700692-cat-1738.html

SHEIN Neon Pink Surplice Wrap Bow Tie Hem Tee:

Image Source: https://www.shein.in/Neon-Pink-Surplice-Wrap-Bow-Tie-Hem-Tee-p-713985-cat-1738.html

Neon Lime Split Thigh Side Button Through Skirt:

Image Source: https://www.shein.in/Neon-Lime-Split-Thigh-Side-Button-Through-Skirt-p-723468-cat-1732.html

SHEIN Neon Green Drawstring Side Tube Dress:

Image Source: https://www.shein.in/Neon-Green-Drawstring-Side-Tube-Dress-p-694388-cat-1727.html

Hope you like the above dresses and give a try to one. Please share your feed back and valuable comments.

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