Wedding is a day when  bride should look on top of the world and the focus of attention. Her outfit to be so well designed.

But what about the cousins, sisters and friends of the bride, They should also look stunning too. After all their bride is so beautiful so how could they be behind in leaving their impression. The dress of these bridesmaids is not required to be over designed but to be simple, more elegant and feminine.

Something I could suggest here. Some good collections I found at Let’s see if it could make your day….


1. Classy grey lehenga :

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2. Classy fawn lehenga:

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3. Glossy pista coloured lehenga:

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4. Neutral grey gown:

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5. Mellow maroon gown:

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Hope you like the collection and give some of it a try. Please share your valuable feedbacks and comments.

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