Hi Friends,

I have also decided to be a part of blogging world. Earlier I had posted blogs on mobile details and features but was not able to continue due to my busy and hectic work schedule.

 I’m looking after construction projects. Such kind of job requires lot of efforts and hard work. Every day starts with new and unique challenge for which there is no defined solution. You have to take the challenge and solve the problem with your knowledge and experience. This requires lot of co-ordination, motivation of self and team, conflict resolution in addition to the assigned job and scope.

With this blog I have decided to restart blogging and taking my blog to new heights. I will be requiring your support and appreciations to motivate myself and continue. I may be writing personal blogs and sharing my learning’s & experiences. Your feedbacks will help me in evaluating the quality of my write-ups and improving the same.

Tag line of me blog is “Searching Solutions.” I believe, we all are searching solutions on daily basis to various different issues and problems in day to day life. We all want comfort and safety in our life and everything which we do are related to increasing the comfort and safety. We want good house for the comfort and safety of ourselves and family members. Good and healthy food for the comfort and safety of our body. Good friends, neighbours for the comfort and safety of our minds etc etc.

 So friends I’ll be sharing my thoughts with the hope to receive your guidance so that quality of the blogs improves one after another.

Thank you.