End of Season Sale

Last Sunday I went to market for shopping. Since last few months I was planning to purchase clothes for myself and this Sunday I found that sale had started.

Boards of “End of Season Sale” were there on the cloth shops. Everyone was offering various different offers and discounts. Best offer I could get was “Buy 2 get 2 Free”.

I bought 04 nos. Pieces and got 04 nos. Free. Cloths which I bought are usable for all the seasons and can be continues for full year. So this was the profitable shopping of 50% discount on all the 08 nos. clothes.

Other shops were giving discounts upto 40% or upto 50%. Under this situation there is always a confusion that if you liked some cloth there may be a chance that discount is very less or zero.

Formals, jeans, T-shirts are not season dependent and can be used throughout the year. So I find it better to purchase them during sales only.

My analysis of sales discount which has come with my experience is as follows:

  1. Buy 1 Get 1 Free: You will get the clothes of your choice and saving goes upto 50%.
  2. But 1 Get 2 Free: You may not get all clothes of your choice and you have to scarify same of your choices. Here discount becomes more than 50%.
  3. Flat Discounts upto 50%: This is a better offer as we get the clothes of our choice and savings are 50%. Also we are not taking extra clothes than required.
  4. Flat Discount more than 50%: This option can also be better but more time has to be devoted to find the correct choice. In this case discounts are per piece so there can be big saving if clothes available are of your choice.

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