Hi Friends, 

I’m living in a nuclear family with my wife and my son who is four years old in the capital city of Rajasthan – Jaipur. 

I came here in the year 2012. This city is famous for tourism and is very happening city. I found this city very good for the family like mine as this is full of all the facilities whether it is education, transport, health, recreation etc. and people here are also good and friendly. 

But when we came here I don’t know the reason my son started getting ill very frequently. My be weather did not suit him and he was not able to adapt the new weather on new place as he was only 1.5 years old. We had taken him to different hospitals but every month he was getting fever. He was not getting cured permanently. 

One day I was just thinking of some solution when I got an idea which I though should try in addition to different medications. I discussed with my wife that Basil Leaves have got medicinal effect and does not have side effects also, so why not to give that to our son. 

Then question arises in which form and in which quantity. Being a kid he may not consume the leaves directly. We decided to boil some 5-7 leaves into this milk and give. Same day we did this and gave to our son. Immediately he found change in the taste and refused to drink milk also. Milk which was the best option got failed so again we got struck into a difficult situation. 

Finally we decided to develop him the taste first and then only he will consume. So we had boiled only one leaf into his milk and gave. He drank the milk and was not able to understand that additional thing is added into it. Then after two days we added 02 nos. Leaves and gave and continued. So after 15 days he developed the taste and started taking milk with boiled basil leaves. 

To our surprise his immunity developed over the months and his frequency of getting ill reduced.  

So based on our experience we found that Basil leaves can be easily grown in our home and any one can consume i.e. kid, young or old for their better health and immunity. 

Since this is a medicinal plant so if anyone is allergic to this should not use it or discuss with elders or family doctors.