Smart phones have become part of our life. Anything of your choice can be done through smart phones. Millions of apps are available and most of them are free to use. Only thing is you have to download them in your smart phone and use with the help of internet connection. 

These smart phones have become second brain of the people. N number of information can be stored and used and we do not have to remember anything. Only thing which is to remember is that all the solutions are available inside your smart phone. 

With the regular use of your phone, data kept on accumulating in your phone and memory gets depleted. And when memory of your phone reaches nearer to full, phone may start getting slow or even start getting hang. You do not have to worry. Simply go to the storage details and find out the memory consumption details. 

You will find that you are storing lot more information, photos, videos, music, applications etc. 

Photos and videos which we are regularly storing are consuming huge space. You can transfer these photos and videos to your computer which will create a big available space in your mobile. 

Cached data also gets accumulated as temporary internet files which are also required to be cleaned regularly. 

Some of the apps which you would have downloaded but may not be using should also be uninstalled as they are also running and consuming system memory. 

So these tips can make your smart phone run again with a good speed.