Stress is something which is not a stranger. Whether it is an enemy or a friend I don’t know but it always lives with me and not only with me, it lives with everyone. It has a very dominating character and will always try to dominate you and keep you under its control and this is very true.

When I was in school there were stresses due to different reasons i.e. getting good marks, winning prize in sports & cultural events. Similar stresses were there in college also. When I’m in a job, I’m still not stress free because of the other reasons i.e. competition to get timely promotion, money savings, investments etc.

If my boss does not give me good assignments there is a stress and when given good assignments again there is a stress. So I found I cannot be stress free, wherever I go, whatever I do, I cannot avoid it. Now if I cannot avoid it so I should have to reduce it.

My Experiences say-

  1. Something which makes me happy is the enemy of stress. So I give time to something which I like most, like watching movies. When I’m watching movies I forget everything.
  2. Develop Hobby: I believe everyone should have at least one hobby. I have developed hobby as gardening. So every morning I’m seeing my plants, watering them, cleaning weeds. This not only gives me pleasure but also increases my oxygen intake during morning.
  3. Exercise to Perspiration: Exercise does not mean doing very though actions. Walking is also an exercise. I walk to the extent that I start getting sweat. I found that when my body sweats at that moment I starts feeling very light which is a clear indication that whichever muscles are under stress have relieved.
  4. Copy your Kid: My son is four years old. He is very active and always does funny things. I found that whenever I’m trying to copy him he starts doing more funny things. So when I copy him without any hesitation, it starts giving me pleasure and reduces my stress.
  5. Spending Time with Family: Whenever I am getting time I’m going with my family for outing. Outing does not mean leaving the city you are living. Outing can be in the same city. This diverts my mind and makes me relax.
  6. Avoid Undue Competition: In the behaviour of every one of us there is strong desire to compete. In every situation we want to compete and win e.g. while driving a car on road we want to be in front. While talking in a group we exert to prove that we know everything. We try to copy the celebrities. Competition is good but competition in everything may not be correct which will make your life stressful for no reason. So decide where to compete and where not to.