When I was kid, my parents were worried about my choice of friends. There use to be discussions in my house that making wrong friends will make me bad too. Those days we did not have television in our home, so my parents did not have to worry about what serial I should see or not on television.

These days we are also worried about the friends of our children but more and more we are worried about what they are seeing on internet and television. At my home I have got DTH connection and have subscribed the best TV channel pack. It has got number of channels for kids only.

I have noticed that if my son is viewing particular channels with cartoon characters engaging in fights with bad character, he is also acting similarly and considering himself as a hero of cartoon serial and me and my wife as the bad character and trying to hit us with the actions shown in the serial. We realized that this may be fun to him but his brain is getting developed wrongly. He is getting aggressive and learning ruthlessness and fighting.

With all these instances, first we our self saw some other serials and searched for some which are learning type and teaching the kids. Such serials can increase the vocabulary, reasoning etc. and we allowed to watch those serials only. I liked “Dora the Explora” which I think is good for kids for their learning while enjoying watching TV.

It is difficult to stop the kids from watching television and in my opinion we should not stop also. They get updated with the present day requirements through the cartoon serials but selection has to be correct.