Hi friends….. Since long I have not posted any of my blog posts. These years I was very busy in my office life that I had forgotten everything and even my dear blog. I  am a project manager looking after infrastructure development projects of oil major of India which is Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. I was working as site-in-charge for the construction of petroleum storage terminal at Jaipur. This was one of the biggest projects I have handled directly. It is a giant terminal with 74000 KL storage capacity with 10 lacs KL per annum thru put costing Rs. 240 Cr.

I had studied project management and I got the chance to implement the same in this project. I consider this project as one of the complex projects where I had dealt with civil, mechanical, electrical and instrumentation jobs at one hand and on another I had learnt boundary management which is very much required to make any project successful. Here I had met people from different walks of life. They were higher management of my own company, the Directors who are deciding the policies of this oil major, my bosses & colleagues, higher ups of district administration and a state, officials who are controlling law and order situations, engineers of other fields, bodies controlling local administration, villagers, consultants, designers, contractors, workers and the list goes on….

I had learnt that in order to make any project successful boundary management and co-ordination are equally important and the important aspect is that there are no written guidelines for the same. It has to be practiced with previous experiences and common sense and the strategies vary from person to person.

Some of the learning which I have gathered after meeting number of people and handling different situations are as follows:

  1. Develop lot of patience and keep.
  2. Develop good report with almost everybody.
  3. First listen to the people and understand their problem.
  4. Don’t give immediate reactions.
  5. Do justice and it should be time bound. There are very fe people who give decisions which is not favoring somebody and is unbiased. This is to be learnt.
  6. Protect the team and be unbiased.
  7. Keep the ego aside as lot of people will be contacting. State of mind of everyone could not be cool and could be pre-occupied with thoughts which may be against you. Problems are to be listened and solved without allowing the ego to come in between.
  8. Involve local people as per their skill and caliber. They add magic in project completion and protect the project interest as they are also earning their livelihood and reputation by being part of the project.