Mens Fashion

Hi friends. Hope you are doing your best. While surfing over internet, I have come across data which is very surprising, for me at least. Over the years I have understood that women are more fashionable and conscious about their looks and style. But as per the information gathered from different articles over internet, I have come to know that Men’s fashion industry has outpaced women fashion and is growing at a higher rate.

As per Euromonitor International, men’s grooming in India is growing at a GAGR of 5% and sales of men grooming products are expected to reach INR 105.5 billion in 2021. If we review the global trend, men’s wear will contribute to an annual $US 460 billion to global clothing and footwear market by 2020.

Some of the brands have opened exclusive store for Men and brands which were known for women fashion products are also diversifying in the men’s fashion market to tap this growth potential and are very serious in this area.

With the penetration of social media in our life and increased use of internet, we men have started getting information about what other people are wearing at other places and how are they looking. E-commerce sites/ malls have made the availability of various brands at one place making it more convenient and time saver for men to experiment their style and looks. Bollywood stars and cricket players had always remained the style icons, which our Indian men had followed and with the easy availability of the brands endorsed by them have made the Indian men more stylish. Recently Ranvir Singh and Virat Kohli have kept the beard so many men have started following them making the beard grooming market to grow exponentially. Similarly, Manyavar have become a biggest brand for marriage clothes for men.

Moreover, flexibility have come at working places also, where men can enter their offices in jeans, jackets, business casuals and offices are also not forcing to wear the ties, giving men more trendy and comfortable look.

Hope we will see men in further more stylish, cool, trendy, comfortable looks in the coming years…………………

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