Famlity Time

Hi friends. Hope most of you would be busy in your financial year closing as March is passing by. Me too working in the same situation. Lots of work loads, extra time working in office, struggling to meet targets, bla, bla, bla…..

It is seen that full year goes like this as if every month is a month of March. For some reason or other we are all over burdened with our office work. So what about work life balance. All have heard about this, also know about this but hardly gets time to balance the life. I am also not different. I also spend lot of time in office. I also tried to follow work life balance principle but alas, failed every time. So what to do. Life is short and its major time is going in office.

So I have now planned some new strategies so that whatever time I am spending at my home, let it be a quality time. My new strategies are as follows, which may or may not be highly effective but lets try for some time atleast:

  1. Helping my wife in some of house works: Today I spent some time in organizing some of the cupboards. I started on my own and found my wife also came and join the same. She felt very happy and relieved as I have helped in reducing some of her work.
  2. Making morning tea: Since my marriage my wife is waking up first and making tea for me. For last few weeks, I started making morning tea and felt some satisfaction for myself.
  3. Going together for a walk: Some of the hours we have taken out in a week where we are going together in a park for a walk. This is not only helping in improving the health, but also having the benefit of more time talking spending with each other.
  4. Started learning about beauty and fashion tip: Girls are more conscious about their beauty. Their more time goes on themselves for solving their secrets. I think if I learn something in this direction I will have further extra hours to spend with my wife in the items of her choice and interest.
  5. Teaching my Son: This time I spent some time, teaching my son. I found he was with me for continuous duration of more than 2-3 hours in a day. Otherwise, he was busy in playing and I was busy reading newspaper or watching TV. I think teaching your son or daughter is one of the best activities you can do at home.

It is not that we are not going for outing. We also go for outing but in order to improve the daily activities and spent more quality time I have tried to make some changes in my habit with a hope that this will further balance my life and make my dear ones more happy.