Hi dear… Last month I visited Delhi for some of my official work. During my return journey I had some extra time to spend at Airport. I had nothing to do so I was roaming around and visiting different outlets. I have come across a brand, exclusively for Girls and Women, which was “Go Colors.” While reviewing the product I found that the same is very comfortable and cost effective. They were mainly dealing with leggings, plazzos, etc.

While reviewing their products online, I have come across denim Plazzos of Go Colors. Their website address is http://www.gocolors.co.in Lets scroll down and see….

Image Source: https://www.gocolors.co.in/women/palazzo-denim
Image Source: https://www.gocolors.co.in/women/palazzo-denim
Image source: https://www.gocolors.co.in/women/palazzo-denim

Hope you like the product. If you wanna buy the same, it is available over their website http://www.gocolors.co.in

Bye and take care…

Yours Fashion Explora