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These days I am seeing, there is a sudden shift in the ear phones type. After Apple removed its 3.5 mm jack from their mobile and gone for wireless bluetooth head phones, everyone now prefers using bluetooth head phones, not only of Apple make but of any companies make.

While searching over net I have come across a good quality, pocket friendly head phones over http://www.flipkart.com.

Mivi 1
Image Source: https://www.mivi.in/products/speakers-and-earphones/saxo-bluetooth-headphones

Mivi is Hyderabad based company. These head phones comes in 17 hours battery life with quality sound. Looks luxurious and are very comfortable. These are foldable and takes very less space. Use it while travelling, jogging etc. and enjoy the most.

These headphones come in two different colors and are compatible with laptops, tablets, mobiles, audio players.

Image Source: https://www.mivi.in/products/speakers-and-earphones/saxo-bluetooth-headphones

Hope you too like this Indian brand.

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