Hi friends, hope you all are fit and fine. These days we all know that companies are coming up with products made of natural ingredients. While roaming in one of the malls in Mumbai, I have come across a brand “Innisfree” which claimed to use mostly natural ingredients for the manufacture of their products. Innisfree is a South Korean company and we all know that South Korean is much ahead in manufacturing and supplying skin care and beauty products. This company sources its ingredients from Jeju Island.

Lip balms and lip sticks ranges I have come across are as follows:


1. Canola honey lip balm 3.5g

Image Source: http://www.innisfree.com/in/en/product/productView.do?prdSeq=23374&catCd01=UB

2. Glow tint lip balm 3.5g

Image Source: http://www.innisfree.com/in/en/product/productView.do?prdSeq=23370&catCd01=UB

3. Glossy lip lacquer 4.8ml

Image Source: http://www.innisfree.com/in/en/product/productView.do?prdSeq=12949&catCd01=UB

4. Real fluid rouge 3g:

Image Source: http://www.innisfree.com/in/en/product/productView.do?prdSeq=21881&catCd01=UB

5. Real fit lipstick 3.5g

Image Source: http://www.innisfree.com/in/en/product/productView.do?prdSeq=21883&catCd01=UB

Company also advises to use the products with care and check if the product suit your body and skin. This seems to be general warning which every company issues as the skin care and beauty care products are made up of oils, ingredient etc which sometimes does not suit everyone. So it is always better to check the product at some part of the body (mainly hands) before using over your face or lips.

Hope you will like the products of Innisfree. Please share our comments and feedbacks after you use these products.

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