Layered Dresses – Girls

Hi friends... In this blog I will be discussing about layered dresses. As the name suggests, these are designed to be worn in layers. You yourself could convert your old boring outfits as trendy and eye catching by mixing two or more outfits and wearing them in layers. Technically these cloths are comfortable both in … Continue reading Layered Dresses – Girls

Lot of Checks for Girls

Hi friends.... Hope you all are doing well. I know most of you are liking what I am sharing on this blog. It took me lot of time to search something very good, stylish and is trending in the present days. Today I have come up with the style which has made a come back. … Continue reading Lot of Checks for Girls

Jumpsuits – Girls

Hi friends. Today I have come up with a contemporary fashion outfit, history of which is not very old in the world of Fashion. Jumpsuits were worn by sports persons, astronauts for covering there body fully from any damage. Its a single piece dress with sleeves and legs in the same one piece outfit. But … Continue reading Jumpsuits – Girls