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Hi friends, I hope not all will be facing the problems of big size pores on you face. I understand, having bigger size pores on face, makes us look bigger in age and overall faces looks dull. Everyone of us like clean, clear and smooth face.

I have searched the reasons for bigger sizes pores and have come  to know that ones having oily skin are mainly suffering with this problem. What actually happens is that, excess oil generated by body stores in the pores of face. If excess oil is not cleaned or removed regularly, this oil expands in the pores when you go out in sun or your body temperatures increases with different body activities.

Second reason which I have come across is consumption of excess sugar. When we consumes sugar, insulin level goes up which is responsible to balance the sugar level in the blood. This gives signal to the brain to produce oil on face and hence excess oil generates over the face and fills the pores on your face.

In order to reduce the size of pores on faces please follow mainly two things:

  1. Consume less sugar.
  2. Follow faces cleaning process daily and whenever goes out.

Dear friends, please follow the following face care regime:

  1. Cleaning
  2. Toning
  3. Exfoliation
  4. Moisturizing

You have to maintain discipline to follow these above four steps, which will clear your pores from excess oil and application of moisturizer will hydrate your skin internally and makes your skins smooth and soft. This will reduce your pore sizes and make your face look more fresh and brighten.

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