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Since my childhood, I had never seen any lady wearing one type earring in one ear and another type in their second one. It always remained a matter of worry for the ladies to keep both the pieces together and concerns that both should match exactly the same.

Sometimes ladies have affection to some of their earring pairs and it became a sad affair if both the pieces are not available together during some of the planned occasion and a single piece had got lost while travelling or during some routine works or she herself had kept it somewhere and forgot.

So a good thing for you – girls and ladies is that since 2016 a new trend of wearing mismatched earring is seen. Trend is good for those who love to experiment new things and try to break the boundaries of decade old conventional things. Mismatched earring collections by India’s one of the top jeweler brand Tanishq is also found. Scroll down to watch the same:


Ms. Ivanka Trump daughter and adviser of U.S. President Mr. Donald Trump is also noticed wearing mismatched earrings. Got to know while watching You Tube Videos:

920x920 You Tube

Images from other sources are also showing the present trend:

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Image Sources: Tanishq website, Youtube, Pintrest, Sopie’s Closet, Sassy Mama.