Anti Fatigue Solution for Eyes

Hi friends.... Thanks for lot of love given by you in my previous blogs. I had receive lot of likes and positive comments. This all makes me feel more energetic and write some more blogs of your taste. Since last so many days I could write any of the blogs as I was very busy … Continue reading Anti Fatigue Solution for Eyes

Girls – Yellow trending in the year 2018

Hi dear.... You might  be knowing that color for the year 2018 is yellow. No more black or white is trending  this year. You will find fashion shows, magazines, streets or every other place is full of yellow. In India yellow is a custom wear during spring summer. This is a color which adds your … Continue reading Girls – Yellow trending in the year 2018

Challenge to Wear Colored Shoes – MEN

Do you like wearing blue, yellow, red, pattern, dual shade shoes? No, we cannot think of any other color of shoes other than black and brown as a formal or casual wear. In case of sports shoes some acceptance has come for other colors. Recently trend is seen when people have started wearing different colored … Continue reading Challenge to Wear Colored Shoes – MEN

Mismatched Earrings – New Trend

Since my childhood, I had never seen any lady wearing one type earring in one ear and another type in their second one. It always remained a matter of worry for the ladies to keep both the pieces together and concerns that both should match exactly the same. Sometimes ladies have affection to some of … Continue reading Mismatched Earrings – New Trend