Challenge to Wear Colored Shoes – MEN


Do you like wearing blue, yellow, red, pattern, dual shade shoes? No, we cannot think of any other color of shoes other than black and brown as a formal or casual wear. In case of sports shoes some acceptance has come for other colors.

Recently trend is seen when people have started wearing different colored shoes that look really cool. Our fear for not wearing colored shoes is we are afraid of looking like a clown. But the same is not correct if suitable outfit is selected with these shoes. These shoes look good over jeans and other casual wear which are neutral in color. Men you are not loosing your masculinity if proper color selection is done. Numbers of brands are available which are producing and marketing shoes in different colors. Please scroll down for different color shoes available in market:


United Color of Beneton

United Color of Beneton


United Color of Beneton 2

T Rock Sneaker

T Rock Sneaker




Image Source: Kraasa, T Rock Sneaker, United Color of Beneton, Yonex, Dmarge

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